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05- International Journal of Thin Film Science and Technology
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 8 > No. 3


Structural, Optical and Gas Sensing Properties of TiO2-MoO3 Thin Films

PP: 163-174
P. V. Kala, B. T. Rao, K. Srinivasarao,
Thin films of TiO2 - MoO3 were deposited on quartz glass, Silicon (100) substrates by dc magnetron sputtering at two substrate temperatures of 300 K and 600 K and at a fixed sputtering pressure of 5 Pa and sputtering power of 50 W respectively. The atomic percent of (at.%) titanium (Ti) in composite is found to be 1 and 2.4. The deposited films were characterized by X-ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Optical Transmittance studies. The optical transmittance of the MoO3 films deposited at 300 K, 5 Pa is 60 % and increases with increasing Ti at.%. The energy gap of the films is 3.7 eV and increases with increasing Ti at. %. The optical transmittance is further increasing when the films were deposited at 600 K, reaching 98 % and decreases with increasing Ti at. %. The energy gap of the film is 3.94 eV and decreases with increasing Ti at. %. The composite films showed good sensitivity and fast response time when exposed to CO.

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