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05- International Journal of Thin Film Science and Technology
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 7 > No. 3


Electrically Switchable Nan Crystals-in-Glass Coatings That Dynamically Filter Heat and Light

PP: 113-121
Wycliffe Omwansu, Mathew Munji, Charles Migwi,
Nickel oxide (NiO) is an electro chromic material that can be used either as a working or counter electrode in solid-state electro chromic devices such as smart windows. In combination with Cerous Titanate (CeO2-TiO2), Titanium-doped Nickel Oxide (NiO:Ti) is a promising coloring material with improved optical, electrical and electro chromic properties. Ti-doped NiO thin films were deposited on fluorine-doped tin oxide coated glass (SnO2:F) using sol-gel dip coating technique with different molar concentrations of titanium ranging from 0 to 67%. The results show a decrease in transmittance as the concentration of titanium is increased due to the formation of coloring centers. The electrical properties such as resistivity, conductivity and sheet resistance were measured using four-point probe method. The electro chromic properties of the thin films were investigated using 1M KOH electrolyte for cyclic voltammetry (CV), ion-optics transmittance and chronoamperometry (CA) measurements. An optimized Ni0.75Ti0.25O sample films was found to have enhanced emissivity and electrochromism hence a good candidate for applications in smart windows.

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