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Journal of Applied Nutritional Sciences
An International Journal
Aim and Scope

The Journal of Applied Nutritional Sciences (JANS) publishes the latest research on topics in human nutrition such as nutrition and diseases, malnutrition, public health nutrition, sports nutrition, nutrition education, nutrients, functional foods, food-drug interaction, food habits, and obesity.

The purpose of JANS is to publish original research studies relevant to human and clinical nutrition. JANS welcome well-controlled studies that describe scientific mechanisms, efficacy, and safety of dietary interventions in the context of disease prevention or a health benefit. Public health and epidemiological studies relevant to human nutrition, genes, and hormones approaches are encouraged. Review articles, case reports, meta-analysis, and letters to the Editor that relate to prior JANS articles are essential components of the JANS.

All submitted articles with scientific content and, written in either English or French, will be thoroughly undergoing a normal review process. If the article is accepted for a full review, it will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. The publication decision will be adjudged by quality, novelty, suitability, and interest. The review process is double-blind.

The journal publishes 3 issues annually and accepts papers through peer review by professional colleagues in the relevant fields.

Article Types

Original research articles: Describes original research within the scope of the journal.

Review articles: To review the progression of a research in the field of human nutrition and make suggestions for future work includes authoritative, comprehensive, descriptions of any subject within the scope of the journal.

Meta-analysis: That combines a statistical analysis of the results of multiple scientific studies in the scope of the journal.

Case report: An article that describes and interprets an individual case, often written in the form of a detailed story.

Letters to the editor: Letter consisting of comments directly on publications of journal which are already published or introduces a specific issue of a general interest.

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