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03- Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability
Aim and Scope

The journal focuses on traditional areas such as statistical inference, multivariate analysis, design of experiments, sampling theory, regression analysis, re-sampling methods, time series, nonparametric statistics, statistical tools and analysis in human resources management, etc., and also gives special emphasis to established as well as emerging applied areas

  •   Educational Technology,
  •   e-Learning, Management
  •   Media Management, 
  •   Human Resources Management,
  •   Fine and Applied Arts,
  •   Humanities and Social Sciences,
  •   Educational Psychology
  •   Mental Health and Special Education
  •   Fundamentals of Education
  •   Educational Administration
  •   Special Education
  •   Curricula and teaching methods

All submitted manuscripts, written in English, Arabic or French Language, will undergo normal review process and the publication decision will be adjudged by quality, novelty, suitability and interest.

In order to be considered for publication, the introduction should clearly explain the novelty, urgency and originality of the research in the submitted article. Unless clearly below the standard required by the journal, submitted articles will be sent to referees. They will generally be reviewed by at least two experts with the aim of reaching a decision as soon as possible. Where possible, the final decision is made on the basis that the referees are in accordance with one another. When there is a strong disagreement between referees, advice is sought from a member of the journals Editorial Board. 

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