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The Journal of Applied Science University
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 06 > No. 02


Big Data and Cloud Computing Concerns and its Impact on Computer Graphics and Visualization

PP: 429-437
Moaiad Ahmad Khder, MHD Yasser Abbar, Mahmoud Abdellatif, Mohamed Abdeldayem Soltan,
The world is undergoing massive scientific and technical discoveries that have a significant impact on humans. One of these discoveries is Big Data where massive volumes of data created every minute via a wide range of platforms. Through the use of computer analysis, these large amounts of data reveal specific trends and patterns. Massive issues arise when a users privacy is violated as a result of the process of analyzing data in order to gain information that could be useful to the user. Its terrifying to think about how such sensitive groupings of data could be exploited. By exploring many studies on the subject of Big Data concerns, significant focal places where complications arise when dealing with large amounts of data have been identified. Data management, integrity and reactive security implementation, data storage and analysis, and cloud storage are the primary problems. On the other hand, some sectors that have been enriched by the rise of big data and cloud computing, such as computer graphics and visualization, have been investigated. The important role of infographic in representing information visually was discussed in the context of big data.

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