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Applied Engineering and Sustainable Developments
An International Journal

ISSN 2090-9535 (Print),
ISSN 2090-9543 (Online)  

Applied Engineering and Sustainable Developments (AESD) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that promotes sustainable engineering practices for a better future. It covers a wide range of topics including renewable energy, green technologies, waste management, water resources, and sustainable manufacturing. The journal welcomes research on technological innovations, systems analysis, policy development, and management strategies that support sustainability. AESD serves as a platform for researchers and professionals to share knowledge and foster collaboration in applied engineering for sustainability. It is a high-quality, double-blind refereed journal that facilitates communication and networking among researchers and engineers. The journal covers various disciplines such as electronics engineering, telecommunications, architecture engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, information technology, mechanical engineering, applied materials, industrial and manufacturing applications, applied physics, engineering management, computational methods for engineering, and other related works.


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