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The Journal of Applied Science University
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 06 > No. 01


Special Provisions for the Rights of Working Women in the UAE Federal Labor Law - A comparative Study

PP: 93-106
Ghazi Ayed Sayah Alghathian,
The research dealt with the legislative protection of working women in the UAE Federal Labor Law by comparing some legislations, as the study included a statement of the legal provisions for working women, which aim to maintain a balance between the interest of the working woman and the employer, which is positively reflected on the interest of work and at the same time constitutes an incentive that encourages women to work in various economic sectors. The study was divided into two topics, the first dealt with the permits for working women, and the second dealt with the provisions related to the conditions and conditions of womens employment. He concluded with a number of findings and recommendations, which I hope will gain the attention of the Emirati legislator, the most important of which is that the employer is prohibited from sending notice to dismiss a working woman because of her marriage or during maternity leave. Giving the working woman a full and paid waiting period for the death of her husband according to Islamic Sharia, for a period of four months and ten days. As well as leave to take care of her child.

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