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International Journal of Advanced Biomedicine
An International Journal


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Personalised Cancers Treatment for Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults (CTYA)

PP: 21-27
Hisham Morsi,
Cancer treatment has gone through several decades of treatment strategies of phase I, phase II and randomized controlled trials until reaching the current phase of successful treatment that approaches >95% cure rates in some paediatric based chemotherapy protocols. However some diseased are still not curable despite the use of combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal treatments, biological modifiers, novel agents and stem cell transplants (autologous and allogeneic). Such diseases are demanding alternative approaches and hence the oncology community is heading towards personalised management approaches. Here we present an overview of the precise medications approaches that have been tried by different teams. The near future would include a combinations of these approaches to gain better understanding of the disease and achieve better outcomes.

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