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International Journal of Advanced Biomedicine
An International Journal


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Dermal Toxicity: From Lab Bench to Veterinary Clinic – A Review

PP: 33-40
Mohammed Fathi Abdallah, Mosaab Ahmed Omar, Hassan Ahmed, Seddik Hammad,
Dermal exposure represents the most common route of the chemical application especially in pet animals. The study of environmental pollutants, industrial chemicals and therapeutics is mainly focusing on the detection of potential dermal toxicity of these xenobiotics. The aim of this review is to summarize the experimental and clinical toxic responses of the animal skin when exposed to different toxicants. Moreover, the dermal responses include chemical burns, dermatitis, photosensitization (primary and hepatogenous), skin fibrosis, dermal hyperplasia and carcinogenesis. Electronic searches were carried out using PubMed MEDLINE®, CABDirect and CONSULTANT database without date or language restrictions. The searches identified 119 including articles, reviews and book chapters. Careful analysis of these articles allowed us to: i) identify the different dermal responses to chemical; ii) investigate both in vitro and in vivo studies on dermal toxicity testing; iii) analyze the cellular and molecular steps of the chemically induced-wound or injury and the possible regenerative events; iv) evaluate the various updated technologies used in dermatology research such as SKINOMICS. This work enabled us to shed light on the dermal toxicity in veterinary clinics with a comprehensive integration of different biotechnologies in the experimental dermatology field. Furthermore, there will be a continuing need for careful translation of experimental data to the veterinary clinical application.

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