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Journal of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials
Aim and Scope

Nanoscience deals with the study and discovery of materials at the atomic/molecular scale, offering hence fascinating properties (physical, chemical, biological and medical, mechanical and electrical, etc). Nanotechnology is devoted to the manipulation, manufacturing and development of diverse technology applications of materials and devices at the nanoscale.

 Advanced Materials (AM) still and remain of great interest for various potential technological applications due to their exceptional and superior properties compared to conventional materials. JNAM, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering broad range of science & engineering, nanoscience & nanotechnology, advanced materials and related topics including physics & chemistry, biology and biomedical, energy & environment, electronics & photonics, etc 

JNAM publishes original and high quality communications, full papers and reviews. Special issues related to the topics covered by JNAM will be also considered by the journal. Interested Scientists and Researchers are requested to send a proposal to any member of the editorial board, a template will sent accordingly.

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