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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal
Editorial Board


 Amany Khodair
Professor and Head of Political science Department,
British University of Egypt, Egypt 
E-mail: amany.kodair@bue.edu.eg

Anna Beyer
Deputy Director of the Centre for Security Studies
School of Law and Politics
University of Hull, UK
Email: c.beyer@hull.ac.uk


Donatella Viola   
London School of Economics, UK and University of Calabria, Italy 
E-mail: donatella_viola@hotmail.com

Nicasia Picciano
University of Flensburg, Germany 


 Arild Tjeldvoll

Comparative and International Education Policies, University of Oslo, Norway.
E-mail: arild1939@gmail.com


Dragan Cisic
University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime StudiesCroatia
E-mail: dragan@pfri.hr


M.  Amjad 
Chairman of International Council on Religion, Security, and Peace, USA
Email: amjadm.icrsp@gmail.com


Noha Bakr
Department of Political Science, American University in CairoEgypt 
E-mail: bakrnoha@ucegypt.edu


Orinda Malltezi
Head of Political Science Department, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana, Albania
E-mail: Petr.topychkanov@sipri.org


Rajkumar Singh
Head of Political Science Department,
Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University, India
E-mail: rajkumarsinghpg@yahoo.com

Silvio Labbate, PhD 
Contemporary History and International Relations,Department of History, Social Science and Human Studies
University of Salento, Italy
E-mail: silvio.labbate@unisalento.it

Shaista Tabassum
Head of International Relations Department,
University of Karachi, Pakistan
E-mail: shaista@rocketmail.com

Ali Aldadda
Applied Science University , Bahrain 
E-mail: ali.aldada@asu.edu.bh

Sajad Abedi
University: National Security College, Iran 
E-mail: sajadabedi272@gmail.com

Inass Abdulsada Ali
Political Science, University of Baghdad, College of Political Science, Iraq
E-mail: inass3a@copolicy.uobaghdad.edu.iq 

Leila Nicolas
International Relations, Lebanese University, Lebanon
E-mail: leila@leilanicolas.com

Managing Editor 

Mahmoud Khalifa  
Suez Canal University and Visiting Fellow, University of Lincoln (UK), Egypt
E-mail: m.khalifa@commerce.suez.edu.eg


Junis Warren
Political Science, City University of New York, USA 
E-mail: jwarren1@york.cuny.edu


Digby Wren
Deakin University, Australia
E-mail: wdigby@deakin.edu.au


Rafe Jabari
Political Science, Sciences Po Paris, France
E-mail: rafe.jabari@sciencespo.fr


Shariful Islam
Department of International Relations, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Email: shariful_ruir@ru.ac.bd


Michelle Zoric
Political Sciences - European Union & Euroscepticism, France
E-mail: michelle.zoric@gmail.com


Petr TopychKanov
Institute of World Economy and International Relations
Russian Academy of Science, Russia
E-mail: Petr.topychkanov@sipri.org


Petros Petrikkos
The Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development, UK
E-mail: petros.petrikkos@hotmail.co.uk

Rashed Alrasheed
Lancaster University UK and Applied Science University, Bahrain 
E-mail: zainrashedeen@gmail.com

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