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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 06 > No. 6-2S


Multimedia Presentation Authoring System for E-learning Contents in Mobile Environment

PP: 705S-711S
Meekyeong Kim, Chuleui Hong, Deakyung Kwon, Sungchul Hong,
The development of wireless Internet technologies and mobile devices make it possible to move a large-scale Internet site to a mobile phone. The number of mobile users keeps continuously increasing. Therefore mobile learning is expected to go as a powerful educational tool and enables learners to study anytime and anywhere. In this paper, we are proposing the design and implementation of the Multimedia Presentation Authoring System (MPAS) that produces multimedia e-learning contents for mobile environment. The proposed MPAS makes it possible to create multimedia presentations that integrate diverse media types including images, video, sound, and texts for mobile devices. The proposed system provides an integrated authoring environment that enables authors to produce e-learning contents from media objects and edit or reconstruct existing presentations based on GUI (Graphic User Interface). Media objects are synchronized with the temporal and spatial information using Synchronous Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) defined by W3C. The system has been developed with JDOM, JMF and SAX Parser and is composed of seven modules. When presentation is completed, the system compiles the presentation and generates the SMIL document automatically. The produced multimedia presentations can be stored locally on authorís device or serviced through e-learning websites in mobile environment. The proposed MPAS provides authors a tool to create multimedia presentation e-learning contents easy to follow based on SMIL and make them available instantaneously through the Internet in mobile environment.

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