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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 06 > No. 6-2S


A Performance Study of Hierarchical Heterogeneous Wireless Integrated Networks

PP: 497S-504S
Guozhi Song, Jigang Wu, John Schormans, Liying Yang, Laurie Cuthbert,
Next generation wireless network is envisioned to be heterogeneous, integrating a wide variety of wireless access networks with different coverage, capacity and mobility support. In general, the traffic volume can be very heavy in hot-spot areas and a higher data transfer rate can be provided by introducing another layer of wireless access. This can raise the utilization of the wireless channel and still achieve a good balance between user satisfaction and efficiency. In this paper, we analyse and evaluate a two-tier heterogeneous hierarchical overlay wireless network with different deployment. The integrated network is modelled as an open queueing network of loss systems. With the help of a logical network topology based analysis, the performance metrics of blocking and dropping probabilities are calculated using an Erlang fixed-pointed method. A number of hierarchical heterogeneous wireless integration system scenarios are set up and the numerical results are calculated and discussed.

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