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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 07 > No. 4


Large Scale Linear Programming in the Windows and Linux computer operating systems

PP: 1553-1556
Saeed Ketabchi, Hossein Moosaei, Hossein Sahleh, Mohammad Hedayati,
In this study, calculations necessary to solve the large scale linear programming problems in two operating systems, Linux and Windows 7 (Win), are compared using two different methods. Relying on the interior-point methods, linear-programming interior point solvers (LIPSOL) software was used for the first method and relying on an augmented Lagrangian method-based algorithm, the second method used the generalized derivative. The performed calculations for various problems show the produced random in the Linux operating system (OS) andWin OS indicate the efficiency of the performed calculations in the Linux OS in terms of the accuracy and using of the optimum memory.

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