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World Research of Political Science Journal
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Volumes > Volume 6 > No. 1


Activity Hour in Saudi Education; Emphasizing a Culture of Dialogue and Conversation

PP: 25-41
This paper focuses on the benefits of applying dialogue in the classroom. Research shows that dialogue can be a way of learning and generating knowledge. Monologic dialogue is defined as the transmission of knowledge where teachers have predetermined the outcome and control the learning process by preparing material and facilitating the dialogue session( ). The goal in the future is to reach the level of open dialogue that is called dialogic dialogue where teachers and students learn together and the end knowledge is not predetermined by teachers( ). Research also shows how teaching dialogue helps students to have an open mind toward diverse perspectives, listen, and learn to respectfully disagree( ). By allowing students to dialogue about different subjects, learners develop a deeper understanding of social issues and become better citizens, which builds their character( ). This paper emphasizes the role of teachers in building a strong relationship with their students to enable their successful classroom engagement, which allows the learning experience to occur. Research findings suggest that there is a positive correlation between student-teacher relationships and studentsí participation in school (Laet et al., 2016). To achieve the goals of the dialogue, teachers have to plan the discussion well and scaffold instruction to support learning( ). In this paper, the Developing Students Dialogue Skills (DSDS) program is developed to be applied in Saudi high schools. The program is proposed for students as a three-week training program that will take place during the Activity Hour time. After evaluating the effectiveness of the program, a proposal to expand the program will be developed and submitted to the Department of Education for approval. Three-day teacher training programs are suggested as the next step to expand the application of the DSDS program to all district high schools.

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