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World Research of Political Science Journal
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Culturally Responsive Teaching Policy: An Empirical Investigation

PP: 1-15
Rania Jambi,
This study focuses on teaching that is culturally responsive and is investigated in K-12 school levels in the USA. The culturally responsive teaching (CRT) of the literature is highlighted showing the field of CRT to be relevant to the educational environment and educating teachers and students for fair and high-level interaction through cultural and ethnic diversity. This topic affects the core of the educational process inside the classroom and outside the classroom. Through this paper, I deal with three elements where the most important students, teachers, context, and environment. Research questions for this study are how to implement culturally responsive teaching in a culturally diverse learning environment in the United States middle school classes, and, how can the American experience in CRT reflect on Saudi Vision 2030. In or to answer these questions, the study uses semi-structured observations in 3 different categories and five interviews. The study results highlight the allocation of teaching content to assist the teacher in how to activate and use culturally responsive teaching in the classroom. It is also found that dealing with different nationalities, cultures, languages, and civilizations requires high professionalism and quality in order not to distinguish or discriminate between students. This leads to negative and behavioral problems among students. I find that the element related to the teacher is the most important because it enhances the students acceptance of criticism and other nationalities and cultures. It also builds the personality of students. They would be more positive personalities giving ambassadors to their homelands and they would become good examples. This study has major implications for the Saudi case to raise the academic level, cultural awareness, and the excellent treatment of students and their families. Consequently, this can help in developing the capabilities of teachers in the interest of students, and this has been achieved through appropriate Teaching.

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