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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 5 > No.2


Cyberterrorism: Methods, Objectives and Coping Mechanisms

PP: 153-162
A. M. Aldada, O. Ali,
Cyberterrorism is distinguished from other types of terrorism by the modern way of using information resources and electronic means brought by the technology civilization in the information age. Therefore, electronic systems and information infrastructure are the target of terrorists. The criminal danger of terrorist groups and organizations has increased, so they have employed their energy to benefit from this technology and exploit it to complete their criminal operations and illegal purposes. The danger of electronic terrorism is increasing in developed countries, whose infrastructure is managed by computers and information networks, which makes it an easy target. In which explosives are used, where a terrorist attack can be launched to close vital sites and paralyze command, control and communications systems, or cut communication networks between units and central commands, or disable air defense systems, or derail missiles, or control air and sea navigation lines, or penetrate the banking system and harm the work of banks and financial markets.

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