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06- Advanced Engineering Technology and Application
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 12 > No. 01


Development of a Superhydrophobic Digital-Printed Cotton Fabric

PP: 1-10
V. M. Dzidzornu, J. K. Kassah,
Superhydrophobic digital-printed cotton fabric has been developed by the dip coating method to find applications in the apparel and textile industries due to the exposure of apparel and textiles products to the environment regarding water-repellency and self-cleaning abilities. The microstructure and surface morphology of the prepared digital- printed fabrics was examined using scanning electron microscopy. Fabrics proved breathable based on the air permeability of the prepared samples. Evaluation of coating durability of the modified digital-printed fabric was done by a washing method. This revealed the durability and self-healing properties of the treated digital printed cotton fabric after heat treatment with a water contact angle of 156o lower than the water contact angle recorded before the evaluation of coating durability at 162o. The water-shedding angle for the developed digital-printed fabric could not be recorded due to the stickiness of the surface of the treated digital-printed cotton fabric which produced an angle above the accepted angle at 10o. Therefore, this technique produced a digital-printed fabric with double functionalities of water-repellency and self- healing properties and could be used in the apparel and textiles industries, especially for fashion accessories.

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