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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 5 > No. 1


The Impact of the Environment on the Concept of Freedom: a Study of Selected Models of Western Political Thought

PP: 93-109
Khaled Fawzi AL- Mhasneh, Abedalrahim Hamad AL-Arqan,
This research aims to shed light on the impact of the environment on the concept of freedom in Western political thought.The research used the text analysis tool. The research subject included selected models of thinkers who had outstanding contributions regarding the issue of freedom and its controls, starting from the ancient era, moving to the medieval, and reaching the modern era. As all Western thinkers agreed on the human freedom of choice, but they differed in the controls restricting that act. The study found the reasons for the difference stemming from the impact of the civilized context that the thinkers experienced with its internal and external influences in crystallizing their cognitive ability by presenting their jurisprudence and perceptions of the concept of freedom and its controls. The study also found the extent of the impact of the environment in crystallizing the cognitive ability of thinkers by presenting their textual evidence from the jurisprudence of thinkers who preceded them who contributed to the issue of freedom and the mechanism of its control, which confirms the fact that the intellectual production of any thinker is not purely generated, but rather from the environment in which the thinker lived with its internal influences, and external and based on the principle of "influence".

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