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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 5 > No. 1


The Impact of New Transformations in the Concept of Terrorism on International Relations

PP: 81-92
Ali Mousa Aldada, Mahmoud Khalifa,
The new transformations in the concept of terrorism have resulted in many developments on the international scene, contributing to the formation of the global system and control of the nature of the relationship between its units. The research aims to analyze these transformations, which led to the establishment of new rules for international politics; this is because the issue of terrorism has become global and does not concern a state or group of conditions but rather concerns all actors in the field of international relations. Through research, it became clear that the most critical transformations in terrorism revolve around confronting it. As a result, any attempt to confront global terrorism remains within the concept drawn by the United States of America, bearing the slogan of combating terrorism and considering it the dominant feature in international relations. Also, one of the transformations in terrorism is to seek a new formulation of the balance of power, Such as the marginalization of the roles of allies and central powerssignificanthe United States of America, in addition to what has been established that the leadership of the world is for the strongest militarily, without the other components being as important as a military power, as well as the tyranny of security issues, which outweighed the importance of diplomatic channels in the conduct of international relations.

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