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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 5 > No. 1


The Philosophy of Freedom - A Study of the Concept and Connotations, Sources, Freedom in Constitutions, Laws, and the Reality of States and Societies

PP: 39-48
Osama Zain Al Abideen,
Freedom has many forms and types (public freedoms - personal freedom - freedom of opinion - freedom of the media - freedom of belief and so on), and achieving freedom requires the greatest amount of free means and the practice of many moral values (justice - equality - integrity and so on) in societies Closely related to the consolidation of the value of freedom in those societies. With the multiplicity of the concept of freedom, its borders have multiplied, and they are the focus of the conflict between the different societal forces. The heavenly religions (Judaism - Christianity - Islam) believe that freedom is not absolute but is limited by the servitude of the One and Almighty God, and the restriction of Western thought in its various eras, especially after the Greek Socratic era and until the present day freedom With social restrictions, Marxism restricted freedom to class, on the other hand, the philosophers of atheism unleashed freedom, and it became free, unfettered by the bondage of God or any other restrictions. - Buddhism.....etc, in addition to international sources (the Charter of the United Nations - the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,.....etc) plus national sources (constitutions, laws of countries, etc.), and based on the foregoing, the researcher concluded that freedom is a human issue, Islam and all the heavenly messages called for it, and all human and philosophical doctrines. Its linguistic and idiomatic concept was not precisely defined due to the variance and differences in its social and cultural incubators, and finally freedom of Multiple forms and images, and achieving them requires the greatest amount of free means.

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