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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 5 > No. 1


The Reflection of the Far-Right Rise on French Foreign Policy

PP: 1-14
Ghada Gamal, Mohamed Nour Al-Bosrati,
The presence of far-right parties in the French political system is not a new or temporary phenomenon, as its roots date back to the nineteenth century and re-emerged in 1953 with the emergence of the Boujad movement, as these parties continued to rise and played a significant role in the political arena internally and externally through the success rates in the legislative, local and European elections, this reflects the crisis of many issues in France. The continued rise of these parties now represents a crisis for the current French regime because it is adopting political counter-programs, particularly regarding the refugee file. The continued rise of these parties is also a threat to the European Union, which is the most popular and successful model of the idea of international and regional organizations because of their desire to leave the European Union, as happened in Britain. The study will focus on the impact of the rise of far-right parties on French foreign policy.

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