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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 4 > Dec. 2021


Parliamentary Diplomacy: Mechanisms and Practice

PP: 33-44
Ali M. Aldada,
Through this research, the fact that parliaments do not exercise the function of foreign policy directly does not mean that parliaments cannot exercise any direct role in the field of foreign policy. Parliamentary diplomacy has emerged, which does not differ in its objectives from the regular diplomacy practiced by the executive authority, with the aim of achieving the states foreign policy objectives. In this regard, parliamentary diplomacy is characterized as calm and long-term diplomacy, which imposes on those in charge of it continuous follow-up and patience that normal diplomacy does not require. Therefore, the results achieved by parliamentary diplomacy are not quick, and monitoring of them needs to follow the policy of the countries with which this diplomacy is conducted. parliamentary diplomacy was represented mainly through the committees concerned with foreign affairs, participation in parliamentary conferences, sending parliamentary delegations abroad on special visits and missions, establishing parliamentary friendship associations.

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