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World Research of Political Science Journal
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Volumes > Volume 4 > Dec. 2021


Changing Nuclear Norms in South Asia a Threat to Regional Peace

PP: 11-20
Muhammad Rizwan, Wajih Ullah, Sara Batool,
This article is about changing the normative behavior about the usages of nuclear weapons and the emerging threat of nuclear war in South Asia. It is a general belief that deterrence has provided strategic stability against the usage of a nuclear weapon. Little attention has been paid over the years to normative behavior that gradually emerged and refrained states from preemptive nuclear strikes. Leaders of both India and Pakistan repeatedly claimed that these weapons are only for defensive purposes. But with changing geopolitical situation this normative behavior has changed. India adopted Cold Start Doctrine (Though it is a conventional military strategy) but due to a huge disparity in the conventional military weapon, Pakistan developed tactical nuclear weapons and adopted the idea of full-spectrum deterrence. When India did not manage to punish Pakistan with conventional means it started looking for other options. The idea of a preemptive counterforce strike and changing of Indian nuclear doctrine got attention. With these debates about nuclear strikes underway, Intrusion by Indian jets inside Pakistan in February 2019, put both countries on brink of war which could escalate into nuclear. Although war averted that time, recently India had repealed the special constitutional status of Occupied Kashmir, which again aggravated the situation. With this changing normative behavior and deepening crisis between both states chances of war that can turn nuclear is now maximum than ever.

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