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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 4 > Dec. 2021


The Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party (E.P.R.P.) Formation, Structure and Program

PP: 1-10
Ayenew Mammo Seyoum,
The main aim of this Article is assessing the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Party (EPRP) Formation, Structure and Program. It also tries to restructure the armed struggle of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Part (E.P.R.P) in Qwara and Aläfa Takusa district. In fact, it was established in the 1970s by different people of Ethiopians from different areas. And its center was Addis Ababa town and other rural areas. However, in the 1980s its main center was at Qwara and Aläfa Takusa districts. Therefore, this article is aimed at the E.P.R.P military movement was legitimately ongoing in Qwara and Aläfa Takusa district since 1983. In order to undertake this study document analysis, in-depth interview, archival investigation and focus group discussions were undertaken as instruments of data collection. Moreover, I have attempted to use primary and secondary sources. It also attempts to give an analysis of the new party creation in the area. The study also examines the Ethiopian Democratic Union (E.D.U’s), one of the opponent parties of the Därg regime, in the area and its structure. This research was undertaken based on descriptive research design. This is because, it helps to achieve the objectives of the study and to find answer to the research questions of the study by allowing the researcher to describe the characteristic of the phenomena understudy and by entertaining the research questions focusing on issues like what, how and who elements.

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