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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 4 > No. 1


The Impact of Turkey’s Position on its Role in the International Arena

PP: 121-139
Reman Ahmed Abd All,
This research seeks to study the impact of Turkeys position on its role in the international community in order to provide an analysis of the attitudes of major countries towards Turkeys policies and ambitions.The study is divided into three axes, where the first axis presents the importance of Turkey according to different geopolitical theories, the second axis presents the features of Turkeys transformation into a regional power, and then the third axis explains Turkeys position as an arena for Russian-American polarization. The study relied mainly on the geopolitical approach to study the impact of geographical factors, whether natural "geographical location" or economic, on foreign policy, with the aim of trying to analyze the policies and positions of the various major powers towards Turkey, starting from the latters geographical strategic position, in addition to using the theory of power transformation. This study concluded that Turkey has gained great importance from the perspective of the interests of the great powers, because of its oil and geographical location, as Turkey is geographically located between Russia on the one hand and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on the other hand. And, like any barrier country, each side aspires to polarize the state in its favour, away from the other, and Turkey is a major corridor for most gas pipelines, so Turkey has turned into an important strategic theater for the major industrial powers.

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