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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 4 > No. 1


The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on the Principles of Respect for Human Rights from the Perspective of National Law and International Law

PP: 91-99
Abdalwahab Kareem Hamed,
This paper aims to reveal the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic for human rights, by reference to national and international law. It aims to answer the research question: To what extent have human rights been respected during the COVID-19 pandemic, both at the national and international level, through rights and freedoms set down in constitutions and international law. The paper’s importance is derived from the current circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic and its destructive consequences for economies and individuals’ freedoms, on the one hand, and for fluctuations in oil prices, the closure of international borders, and travel prohibitions, on the other hand. The initial purpose of the precautions applied by states worldwide, including in Iraq, was to protect the lives of citizens. In this context, this paper adopts a descriptive and analytical approach to diagnose the phenomenon of respecting human rights during Coronavirus pandemic, and to assess the mechanisms by which laws were applied prohibiting individuals, while not restricting their rights and freedoms. In addition, the paper uses a comparative legal approach to interpret legal provisions contained in national and international laws.

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