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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 4 > No. 1


Political Development and Foreign Policy

PP: 9-36
Khalil Ibrahim Ahmed,
This paper is based on the scientific hypothesis that there is a close and positive relationship between the implementation of the foundations of political development and the presence of a balanced relationship between the institutions of power on one hand, and the broadening of the horizons of foreign policy and its role in achieving the nations goals on the other hand. The paperís methodology is based on the analysis of the political, economic and social factors stemming from the internal environment of a political system related to the process of external political decision-making as a set of independent variables that explain the nature and trends of foreign policy, which is based on the decision-making approach in foreign policy. The study also relies methodically on the perspectives of the behavioral school in analyzing social behavior and analyzing the commonalities that express the national interest as an objective fact. The research methodology is completed by relying on the analysis of the elements of the regional and international environment through the use of the systemic approach, as the variables that bear the characteristics and effects of the regional and international orders on the state, thus affecting the external political decision-making environment, acting as determinants of foreign policy pathways. The paper concludes that political development define the mechanisms that govern the internal environment of foreign policy, and within it are all the variables that determine the pathways of foreign policy.

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