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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 3 > Dec. 2020


The Impact of Combat Illegal Drug Trade on International Relations: A Case Study

PP: 147-158
Osama Zain Al Abideen,
Organized international crime is a criminal human activity that transcends national borders, it is practiced by ignoring the law, the multiplicity of its forms and forms, and the wide spread and scope of its spread, it has multiple shapes and images, most notably the illegal trade in drugs, which has many forms and forms. The criteria for classifying its types varied according to its source or according to the origin of the material from which it was prepared, and according to its effect on the mental activity of the drug user and his psychological status, and depending on the origin of the substance and its effect on the mental activity of the drug user. Eliminating the illicit drug trade, besieging it and reducing its danger requires many and multiple measures, because of the varied methods used by traffickers dealing with this prohibited activity locally, regionally and internationally. However, the most effective means to besiege this crime is regional and international cooperation, the manifestations of which were manifested in the following activities and events, including: International conferences and conventions, concluding regional agreements, periodic conferences and meetings, various activities of United Nations bodies and agencies, lectures and symposia (regional - international), Counter display: Combating smuggling - manufacturing - agriculture - trafficking - distribution and illegal possession of illegal narcotic substances, demand reduction, international judicial cooperation, international judicial cooperation, treatment and rehabilitation of drug users, treatment and rehabilitation of drug users, combating illegal drug trafficking gangs, on the other hand, drugs can make international conflicts

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