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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 3 > Dec. 2020


Globalization’s Implications on "State Sovereignty” Concept, Context and Practices

PP: 109-132
Safaa Khalifa,
State Sovereignty" remains one of the most important elements upon which the nation-state is based and it seeks not to compromise it within its geographic and national sphere. Moreover, foreign relations among states were based up on respect for sovereignty for each of them. Certainly, one of the most prominent developments -in post-Cold War era- was violation of state’s sovereignty principle which was always governing international relations and was one of the most important cornerstones that established stable relations. By following international reality, we could realize the impact of globalization regarding state’s role at national and international levels as well. Therefore, this research aims at examining accuracy and identifying aspects of continuity and change that have correlated with state’s sovereignty concept - as one of the most important elements of the nation-state - as a result of globalization phenomenonas one of the most important international changes in post-Cold War era.

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