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04-Information Sciences Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 11 > No. 04


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Programming Technique to Solve Multi- Objective Transportation Problem

PP: 1261-1265
Ajjaz Maqbool, Chitranjan Sharma, Mushtaq.A Lone, Riyad Alshalabi,
This paper presents an explanation of the multi-objective-transportation problem (MOTP) via Fuzzy programming algorithm and the goods is to be transported from origin to destination. The time and cost of transportation from origin i to destination j were recorded. Here we-have considered MOTP with-intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and completed the problem in both ways. Therefore, the optimal compromise solution will remain same both the exponential and linear membership function. For the solution the membership functions are used for such a problem. LINDO statistical-software was used in the present facts analysis and is completed in two stages.

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