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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 3 > Dec. 2020


The Future of Tourism in Algeria: Betting on the Media to Extricate the Sector from the Chronic Crisis

PP: 133-146
Fatima Zohra Teniou,
Various countries have taken an interest in tourism as a source of employment and income. The neighboring countries of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt are considered to be very vital for the state and society. The contribution of tourism revenues to national income is very significant. Compared to neighboring countries, Algeria has been less interested in tourism since independence.The prevailing view in Algeria was that tourism was not productive. It was this negative outlook that delayed attention until after the transition to a market economy. The security crisis of the 1990s also had a profound impact on tourism. Today there is growing interest in this sector. The new challenges, however, are the absence of a tourist culture as well as weak structures.Algeria aspires to the 2030 horizons to become an important tourist destination in Africa and the Mediterranean. This will not come without betting on the marketing of the sector and the new face of Algeria as an open country to foreigners. Here, the media play a crucial role in improving the image and introducing Algerias tourist attractions. This paper aspires to highlight the role of media to raise these challenges.

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