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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 3 > Jun. 2020


Organized International Crime and International Relations A Case study: Combating Human Trafficking

PP: 29-41
Osama Zain Al Abideen,
Trafficking in human beings is a widespread and transnational criminal activity. Rather, it is the most common and widespread form of international organized crime. The problem of research is around the size of national, regional and international efforts for combating it, so the main goal of the research was to show the volume of interaction and cooperation the international organization to combat this case - the crime of trafficking in human beings - in order to besiege, encircle and eliminate it, as for the most important hypotheses of the research is: human trafficking is a crime practiced by an organized group that has harmful effects on society and its individuals and threatens the world’s security with its impact, for fighting human trafficking requires coherence of national and international efforts. The research interested in defining the term human trafficking, which is an issue complex and viewable and has many angles, such as the human rights. As for the forms and types of human trafficking, the international protocols and treaties did not mention all or most of the existing practices in this regard, so the research indicated a list of them, as well as a number of summaries related to the types of crime of human trafficking. With a full axis to address the international efforts to combat the crime of human trafficking, the research explained that international cooperation is a key for the success of combating this crime, but rather it is difficult to address it without international cooperation.

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