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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 3 > Jun. 2020


Euro-Mediterranean Relations: A Historical Approach and Critical Vision during Post-Cold War Era ‘‘Prospects- Challenges- Future Scenarios’’

PP: 13-27
Safaa Khalifa,
The research topic focuses on the impact of some international and European factors on the Euro-Mediterranean relations. These relations have different phases and each stage presented a set of opportunities that achieved gains and caused difficulties as well. But benefits are less than expected and need to be developed. Therefore, Euro-Mediterranean relations have several frameworks for cooperation, ranging from agreements, initiatives, partnerships and forums for dialogue, through the development of the Mediterranean Partial Policy, the Comprehensive Mediterranean Policy, and the renewed Mediterranean Policy. In this sense, A number of European mechanisms supported the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in an attempt to establish effective and extended mechanisms. Then, the research highlighted how the Arab Spring revolutions have an incentive for the European Union to review its policies towards the southern Mediterranean countries especially in the light of internal instability in a region correlated intensively to European security. To conclude, cooperation with southern Mediterranean countries is very unique in comparable with any other group of countries. However, the level of European policies is not enough regarding that the European interests require unified and clear policies in order to improve future relations beyond the Mediterranean region.

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