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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 3 > Jun. 2020


Geopolitics of Cyberspace and Expansion of Terrorism in the Central Asia

PP: 1-12
Mohammad Amin Zabihi, Saeed Shokohi, Sajad Abed,
Abstract: Terrorism, like any other phenomenon has enjoyed evolution during the course of history and it has become a paramount, influential factor in almost every aspect of national and international equations. Nowadays, terrorists, like any other activist group, use modern technologies in almost evert aspect of their strategies; thus, one should consider the role of these modern technologies that contribute to the furtherance of their malicious deeds. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the ways terrorists act through, and importantly, the tools and instruments they exploit in order to achieve their goals. Arguably, cyberspace and other related tools and materials have become, among other things, very prominent elements of terrorists strategies. In this paper, hence, we are going to investigate the modern tactics of terrorists in exploiting the cyberspace and cyber-related tools through which, they try to achieve their goals.

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