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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 2 > Dec. 2019


Political Participation for the Arab Woman between the Democratic Development and Culture Privacy

PP: 55-61
Khaled Fayad,
The article focuses in the issue of the political participation of women in the Arab world and how its role was. It starts from an intellectual base that has always been in the minds of many Islamic thinkers who have enriched Islamic thought with their open mind think far from extremism which believes in development and benefit from human thought in general and based on full respect for the religious text His holiness for any human interpretations or interpretations that may be restrictive or prohibitive to the political role of women. The article demands that the current era must be overcome with its limitations and obstacles so that society becomes more developed and accomplished based on its legs - man and woman - without discrimination or distinction With the culture believes in the values of justice and equality among all citizens of one country. Stressing the historical and vital role in many of the Islamic Era that have passed on the Arab world since the Mohamedís message and how the woman was able to prove her role and that was the pioneer despite the constraints that surrounded him.

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