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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 2 > Dec. 2019


Humanitarian Intervention in International Relations: Trends and Practice

PP: 43-54
Ali Aldada,
The idea of humanitarian intervention is both an effective and vague idea, as it is a matter that invokes the right to resort to force despite the dedication of the United Nations Charter, the danger of resorting to force as a threat and by use, and this has led to the distinction between three directions: The second supports it, while the third restricts it. And due to the changes that occurred in the new international system, the intervention countries tended to use humanitarian purposes, to interfere in the affairs of other countries, as a result of the inability of the international organization, represented by the Security Council, to play the role entrusted to them in preserving the sovereignty of states and maintaining human dignity. The changes that have emerged recently after unilateral domination of the international system have produced international changes, which have in turn affected the essence of human rights, their departure from the internal sphere of states to the global sphere, and have also changed the principle known as non-interference to what is now called the principle of humanitarian intervention, and opened the field It is widely used to exploit human rights issues by misusing them and avoiding their internationally known goals, so that it becomes a political tool used by the major countries to achieve their own goals and interests.

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