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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 2 > Dec. 2019


Defensive Capability and Empowerment Defense Capabilities of Imam Khamenei from the Perspective of Non- active Defense

PP: 33-42
Sajad Abedi,
Defense for the Islamic Republic of Iran Given the particular geopolitical and geo-strategic position of the territory and the persistence and magnitude of the threats of the enemies, as well as the supreme leaders assertions against the threats of arrogance, Imam Khamenei is very important. In non-operational defense, a new approach should be taken to defense issues, so that cooperation in defense capability and empowerment in the country is considered as a principle. Non-operative defense as one of the most effective and enduring ways of defending against threats has always been considered by most countries in the world. Non-operational defense, which is "a set of unarmed measures that increase deterrence, reduce vulnerability, maintain essential activities, promote national sustainability, and facilitate crisis management against enemy threats and military action", focusing on defense capabilities. In our country, despite the special geopolitical situation, deterrence and entry into new areas and soft threats, the role of non-operational defense has become very prominent and attention to national sustainability and development in terms of capability and The empowerment has added to this importance. In this article, first, with an overview of empowerment-centered defense, it has been attempted to classify and relate the basic concepts of non-operational defense in the field of capability defense based on Imam Khameneis (defense) remarks, views and ideas. Focus on empowerment.

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