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World Research of Political Science Journal
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Volumes > Volume 2 > Jun. 2019


The Jordanian Political Decision to Terminate the Annex of the Peace Agreement for Al Baqoura and Elghamar

PP: 17-31
Ali Mousa Alda,
: After a series of three-year negotiations with Israel, Jordan reached a peace agreement with Jordan on 26 October 1994. The Convention was followed by five annexes, the first of which in item (b) and (c) concerned the inclusion of the Al-Baqoura and Al-Ghamr areas under a special regime allowing the Israeli side to use these areasOn October 21, 2018, King Abdullah II took the decision to terminate the annex to the Convention, The decision was a result of a process of interaction between the perceptions of the external political decision-maker. Many of the considerations adapted to the resolution resulting from the internal process environment and external operational environment, according to the understanding of the decision maker, where the decision maker to drop his convictions and perceptions of self-decision-making process,Historical, geographic, legal, economic and societal considerations, as well as external and regional considerations. As a result of the feedback to the resolution, the Kings convictions were reinforced by the need to exercise full sovereignty over Jordanian territory and to protect Jordanian interests. The decision was in line with the societal approach and satisfactory to the public, angry at Israeli practices in Al Quds.

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