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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 1 > Dec. 2018


Georgia’s Strategic Orientation, Amity or Enmity

PP: 63-67
Iraj Rahimpour,
Georgia and other thirteen republics with little or no experience of modern independent statehood were born after collapse of the Soviet Union. Georgia was confronted with the first issue of survival and national security and later with the choice of strategic orientation priorities regarding political realism which was so vital for it in Caucasus region. Today it is really difficult to imagine two enemies worse than Israel and Iran. The depth of these divisions are evident in both countries’ rhetoric. The objective of study is to point out which “side” Georgia’s leadership loyalties trend to determine its strategic choices. The Study is to examine whether Georgia’s political orientation is realistic and sustainable or it is based on political idealism and lack of sufficient strategic experience? The hypothesis of study is; “Georgia’s political orientation is a sustainable strategic choice and based on its national interest and national security. Findings of study indicate that; Georgia’s foreign policy seeks to avoid choosing only one side. Currently, nationals of both Israel and Iran easily can enter Georgia. The Study has a descriptive nature and data collected based on library method.

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