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Volumes > Volume 1 > Dec. 2018


Racial Construction as an Avenue for Better Life: A study of Nepali Migrants and Their Employers in New Delhi

PP: 1-5
Meghana Trivedi,
This paper views how Nepali migrants in India sell their identity to secure good jobs and money and create their own labour market. India is the most desired destination when it comes to work for the Nepali workers because of open border, shared culture, similar people and on the top of it, it does not require much investment unlike the gulf countries. They come to work in India to escape the political instability, high unemployment rate and low wages. Theoretically, race is not a biological concept, however the general public stills believe in the concept of race which is working positively for the Nepali migrants in the informal sector. This paper tries to bring forth in detail how these people use this ‘race’, but this usage is not restricted to the employee, even the employers benefit from this. Even the north eastern Indians are faking their identities to secure these jobs. They claim themselves as Nepali so as to get jobs as most of employers fail to distinguish between a Nepali and a north eastern and give them jobs on the basis of the image that has already been created by previous Nepali migrants. Apart from this many scholars have also talked about how migrants are often discriminated and exploited by the employers in a new land on many bases like colour, religion, in this case different facial features. Contrary to this, in my research I have found out that this difference is working in a positive way for them. These facial differences are giving them edge over other local worker. Since they are the sought after workers, the employers tend to behave nicely with them. I would also like to add that nowhere in my research paper, I am endorsing race but trying show how this concept is still used by the public to get access to various fields.

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