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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 06 > No. 1


Numerical Calculation of Rate-Distortion Function of Information Source

PP: 113-116
Qianzhao Lei,
In order to maximize transmission efficiency, fully use available channels, we need to solve rate-distortion function of information source R(D) . For a given source, presented the distortion matrix, and set the accuracy ε, an iterative method can be used to get R(D) . Firstly, given the initial value of parameter S, which meaning the slope of the sought graph, matrix of the channel transition probabilities and the average distortion D with parameter S were calculated; then 0 D D as fidelity criteria, whether n 1 n D D e + − being true as iteration sentencing guidelines, iterative computation was done until the parameters of S close enough to 0. The rate-distortion curve simulated by iteration method fits well with the theoretical value, the simulation can provide theoretical guidance for determining the best encoding method.

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