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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 06 > No. 1


A New Service-Aware Computing Approach for Mobile Application with Uncertainty

PP: 9-21
De-gan Zhang, Xiao-dan Zhang,
It is known to all that service-aware computing is an important part of pervasive computing for Web-based mobile application with uncertainty. Because multi-source service-aware evidence information with uncertainty is dynamic and changing randomly, in order to ensure the QoS of different mobile application fields based on Web, we modified the fusion method of evidence information after considering contextís reliability, time-efficiency, and relativity, which has improved the classical fusion rule of D-S (Dempster-Shafer) Evidence Theory when being used in the pervasive computing paradigm. We call it EDS. After extending the process, we overcome the drawbacks of classical D-S Evidence Theory. All these suggested technologies have been successfully used in our service-aware computing projects. We compare EDS with relative methods, such as Random Set Theory (RST), Bayesian Theory (BT). By comparisons, the more validity of new service-aware computing approach based on EDS has been tested successfully. The efficiency of our researches has been shown by our many application practices.

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