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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 1 > Aug. 2018


Mobile Banking Policies in Mali “What could Mali learn from South Africa and Kenya?”

PP: 9-19
What could Mali learn from South Africa and Kenya in terms of what positive factors were needed; what potential pitfalls need to be avoided, and how current business culture could be a decisive factor in terms of implementing mobile banking solutions? Data was collected by written and oral interviews with nine individuals, alongside a review of relevant academic literature. Increased accessibility through mobile banking would likely give residents of Mali job opportunities, venture opportunities, and increasingly traceable, transparent and accessible money to the previously unbanked. Access to credit should be regulated, to avoid access to money which low-income users could not return. Without regulation, potential distrust towards both new mobile network operators and mobile banks in general, might rise. Support by Mali´s Government would facilitate the implementation of mobile banking with an increased focus on the private sector, and further commercial incentives between the South and the Northern Territories, creating possibilities for formal payment methods which were previously inexistent.

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