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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 05 > No. 3


Study of key pre-distribution schemes in wireless sensor networks: case of BROSK (use of WSNet)

PP: 655-667
A. Jemai, A. Mastouri, H. Eleuch,
Wireless sensor networks are composed of small entities with limited memory, computation and communication capabilities. These entities role is to detect process and transmit information. Therefore, they are considered as embedded systems. Wireless sensor networks are deployed in many hostile environments and face many security issues. Sensor nodes are also resource-constrained. To achieve security in wireless sensor networks, many key management (distribution and share) schemes have been proposed. In this paper we aim to study these key distribution schemes and implement one of them (BROSK) and look at its behaviour in terms of energy consumption and the construction of shared keys using a wireless sensor network simulator (WSNet).

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