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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 05 > No. 3


Nonclassical properties of a model for modulated damping under the action of an external force

PP: 570-588
M.Sebawe Abdalla, Lamia Thabet,
We introduce a modified model for the problem of a damped harmonic oscillator in presence of a driving force. The model is treated from the point of view of quantum mechanics. The wave function in the Schršodinger picture is obtained. The connection between the quasicoherent state and pseudostationary state is discussed. The constants of motion are also introduced and the eigenfunctions and the corresponding eigenvalues for pair of quadratic invariants are obtained. The phenomena of squeezing and the Poissonian distribution are considered. It is shown that the system is sensitive to the variation of the damping factor, °, as well as of the modulation factor, č.

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