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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 10 > No. 5


Oscillatory of Third-Order Neutral Differential Equations with Continuously Distributed Mixed Arguments

PP: 1893-1899
Nagehan Kılınc Gecer, Pakize Temtek,
It is the purpose of this paper to give oscillation criteria for the third-order neutral differential equation with continuously distributed mixed arguments  r(t) 􀀀 [x(t)+ Z b a p(t,m)x[t (t,m)]dm] ′′ g ′ + Z d c q1(t,x ) f (x[f1(t,x )])dx + Z d c q2(t,h)g(x[f2(t,h)])dh = 0, where g > 0 is a quotient of odd positive integers. By using a generalized Riccati transformation and integral averaging technique, we establish some new sufficient conditions which ensure that every solution of this equation oscillates or converges to zero.

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