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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 10 > No. 5


Two Reliable Efficient Methods for Solving Time- Fractional Coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrdinger Equations

PP: 1799-1810
S. Saha Ray, S. Sahoo,
In this paper, homotopy perturbation method and homotopy perturbation transform method have been implemented for solving time fractional coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrdinger equations. We first applied homotopy perturbation method for solving time fractional coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrdinger equations, which does not require a small parameter in the equations. Then we presented an algorithm of the homotopy perturbation transform method to solve coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrdinger equations. This paper establishs the effectiveness of the homotopy perturbation transformation method in solving fractional coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrdinger equations over homotopy Perturbation method. Here we obtain the solutions of fractional coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrodinger equations, which are obtained by replacing the time derivatives with a fractional derivatives of order a 2 (1,2], b 2 (0,1] respectively. The results obtained by homotopy perturbation transform method are numerically and graphically compared with homotopy Perturbation method in order to exhibit the efficiency of the homotopy perturbation transformation method. The fractional derivatives here are described in Caputo sense.

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