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World Research of Political Science Journal
An International Journal
Editorial Board


 Anna BeyerAnna Beyer
Deputy Director of the Centre for Security Studies
School of Law and Politics
University of Hull, UK
Email: c.beyer@hull.ac.uk
 Amany Khodair

Amany Khodair
Professor and Head of Political science Department,
British University of Egypt, Egypt 
E-mail: amany.ismail@bue.edu.eg


 Arild Tyeldvoli

Arild Tjeldvoll   

Professor of Comparative and International Education policies,
University of Oslo, Norway
E-mail: arild1939@gmail.com

Dragan Cisic 

Professor, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Croatia
E-mail: dragan@pfri.hr    

 Mohammad Amjad Mohammad Amjad
Chairman of International Council on Religion, Security, and Peace, USA
E-mail: amjadm.icrsp@gmail.com
 Noha Bakr Noha Bakr
Professor of Political Science
American University in Cairo, Egypt
E-mail: bakrnoha@ucegypt.edu
 Orinda Malltezi 
Head of Political Science Department, Faculty of 
Social Sciences, University of Tirana, Albania
Email: orinda.malltezi@unitir.edu.al
 Rajkumar Singh Rajkumar Singh
Professor and Head of Political Science Department,
Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University, India
E-mail: rajkumarsinghpg@yahoo.com
 Silivo Labbate  
Professor History of International Relations, University of
Salento, Department of History, Social Science and Human
Studies, Italy
Email: silvio.labbate@unisalento.it
 Shaista TabassumShaista Tabassum
Professor and Head of International Relations Department,
University of Karachi, Pakistan
E-mail: shaista@rocketmail.com
 George Voskopoulos 
Associate Professor of European,
University of Macedonia, Greece
E-mail: gvoskop@uom.edu.gr

 Inass Adbulsada El Enezy
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of
Baghdad, College of Political Science, Iraq
E-mail: inass3a@copolicy.uobaghdad.edu.iq

 Leila Nicolas
Associate Professor of International Relations,
Lebanese University, Lebanon
E-mail: leila@leilanicolas.com
Mahmoud Khalifa 

Managing Editor

 Mahmoud Khalifa  

Associate Professor,  Suez Canal University and Visiting Fellow,
University of Lincoln (UK), Egypt
E-mail: m.khalifa@commerce.suez.edu.eg

Junis Warren
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science, City University 
of New York, USA 
E-mail: jwarren1@yourk.cuny.edu.sa

Digby Wren
Visiting Research Scholar 
Deakin University, Australia
E-mail: wdigby@deakin.edu.au

Rafe Jabari
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Sciences Po Paris, France
E-mail: rafe.jabari@sciencespo.fr
Shariful Islam 
Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Email: shariful_ruir@ru.ac.bd
 Vaishali RaghuvanshiVaishali Raghuvanshi
Assistant Professor at Christ University, India
E-mail: vaishaliraghu23jan@gmail.com

 Michelle ZoricMichelle Zoric
PhD in Political Sciences - European Union & Euroscepticism, France
E-mail: michelle.zoric@gmail.com
 Petr TopychKanovPetr TopychKanov
Senior Researcher, Institute of World Economy and International Relations
Russian Academy of Science, Russia
E-mail: Petr.topychkanov@sipri.org

 Petros Petrikkos Petros Petrikkos
Research Associate
The Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development, UK
E-mail: petros.petrikkos@hotmail.co.uk

 Rashed AlrasheedRashed Alrasheed
PhD Candidate at Lancaster University UK
Lecturer at Applied Science University, Bahrain
E-mail: zainrashedeen@gmail.com
 Maryam DorriMaryam Dorri
Scientific Research and Middle East Strategic Studies Center, Iran
E-mail: maryam.dorri7@gmail.com

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