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04- International Journal of Thin Films Science and Technology



Ion source plasma parameters measurement using Langmuir probe

Hikmat A. Hamad,
Abstract :
In this work, we present the experimental results of plasma parameters using a Freeman type ion source, such as electron number density ne, plasma electron temperature Te, floating potential Vf, and plasma potential VS. The measurements of these basic parameters of pure Ar plasma were done with a cylindrical Langmuir probe situated perpendicular to a relatively weak magnetic field, B = 20 mT and were performed under constant low Ar pressure 4.6 × 10-3 mbar. Different methods were implemented to calculate the electron and ion densities. We have concluded that some of these methods are subjected to significant inaccuracy, mainly due to the uncertainty of the plasma potential location. However, It has been recognized that the plasma ion density ni = 1.46 × 1014 m-3 found in this experiment using the ion current saturation part is the most reliable among the other values found, using the standard procedures from the electron retardation region (classic Langmuir method) and the electron saturation region of the measured probe I-V characteristic. The results of calculations confirm the validity of the Langmuir’s orbital-motion-limited theory for low pressure plasma and low value of the magnetic field.


Prostate Volume Measurement Using Image Matching

Sarmad Mohammed,
Abstract :
The main objective of this research is to measure the abnormality of the prostate using image matching techniques by cross correlation to compare the volume of the a reference normal case and patient abnormal prostate enlargement volume case, in order to compute the amount of prostate volume enlargement ratio which represents an approximate amount of prostate volume enlargement and may be used by specialist as a diagnostics tool for farther patient treatment. So the specialist can measure patient prostate irregularity using this approach after overlapping and matching volume enclosed by patient abnormal case with volume of the normal case as reference value taken into consideration both age factor and the body mass index BMI. Furthermore, this paper also implement a statistical analysis by computing average, standard deviation and variance differences respectively between patient image and reference image, the outcomes of the three statistical differences give the exact amount of prostate enlargement, which will be represented by ratio that indicates the exact amount of the prostate enlargement.


Chemical deposition of polycrystalline ZnSe thin films from Malonic acid solution: Nucleation and growth mechanism, structural, optical and electrical studies

Abstract :
Zinc selenide (ZnSe) polycrystalline semiconductor thin films have been synthesized by dip method in malonic acid solution. The formation of nucleus and growth process of this technique has been studied. The XRD pattern shows a characteristic cubic structure with a (111) crystallographic preferred orientation. SEM studies reveal that grains are uniformly dispersed on the surface of the substrates. The optical energy gap was found to be 2.80 eV. The activation energies are 0.053 and 0.317 eV for low and high temperature region, respectively obtained from electrical measurement.

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